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PRICE  $459.00

The C1 Power and Control Cable is included with the MCE-100.  For additional cables, including the E1 Output Cable for the MCE-100, see the Cables   page.


The MCE-100 is a light-weight, solid-state instrument that provides accurate easy-to-read altitudes up to 32,000 feet.  The MCE-100 displays altitude with a 10 ft. resolution on a large bright LED display.  In addition to being a digital altimeter, the MCE-100 is a Mode C altitude encoder designed to drive a large variety of aircraft transponders.  Unlike older electronic altitude encoders that require several minutes of warm up time before they can transmit their code, the MCE-100 is ready instantly due to its internal temperature compensation. 

A useful feature of the MCE-100 is its Altitude Alert function.  While flying at a desired cruising altitude, simply activate the Altitude Alert function and the MCE-100 will notify the pilot with a flashing display when the set altitude varies more than + / - 200 feet. 

Like all Adaptive Interfaces instruments, the MCE-100 has a built-in white LED backlight for low-light and nighttime operation.  The digital display also has a special, polarizing filter for much improved readabilty in bright sunlight.


Sometimes gauges benefit from having an analog display, but the altimeter is not one of them.  A digital altitude is so much easier to interpret that you'll find yourself referring to this display more often than the old mechanical altimeter.  Also, the built-in Altitude Alert function makes it easy to avoid venturing away from your assigned altitude or up into Class B airspace while navigating around busy airspace.


The MCE-100 is a solid state instrument that converts measured air pressure into altitude information that is presented to the user on a 5-Digit LED display and to an aircraft transponder as digitized data over 10 parallel signal lines.  The MCE-100 measures static air preasure using a solid state, temperature compensated, piezoelectric pressure sensor.  The output voltage of the pressure sensor is measured by a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter and a highly accurate voltage reference.  Data from the analog-to-digital converter is processed by a microcomputer and displayed in 10 ft. increments as an altitude on a 5-digit LED display.  Pressure Altitude data is also processed by the microcomputer and sent to digital outputs in the form of a Gillham or Gray Code for use by a transponder.  The MCE-100 is controlled by a set of 4 buttons on the front panel and by a set of menus and functions.

The MCE-100 is has an aluminum case and fits a standard 2-1/4 inch round panel cut-out.


Supply Voltage: 10 Vdc - 32 Vdc
Maximum Supply Current: 350 mA
Altitude Range: -1200 ft. to 32000 ft.
Displayed Altitude Resolution: +/- 10 ft.
Displayed Altitude Accuracy: +/- 40 ft.
Mode C Digital Output Resolution: +/- 100 ft.
Mode C Digital Output Accuracy: +/- 50 ft.
Dimensions: H 2.40" x W 2.50" x D 2.70"
Weight: 6 Oz. (174 g.)
Mounting Screws: 4 ea. 6-32 x L 0.5" (Max.)
Air Fitting: 1/8 - 27 NPT Female
Upper Connector: 15-Pin DSUB Female 4-40
Lower Connector: 9-Pin DSUB Female 4-40


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