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PRICE  $359.00

The C1 Power and Control Cable is included with the ETM-100.  For additional cables see the Cables   page.


The ETM-100 is a Single Channel solid state instrument that displays Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) and Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) on a bright 4-digit over 3-digit LED display.  Temperatures can be displayed in english units (Degrees Fahrenheit) or metric units (Degrees Celcius).  The ETM-100 uses standard thermocouples to measusre EGT and CHT.  An internal "Cold Junction" temperature sensor allows temperatures to be accurately displayed from ambient (cold engine) to operational (hot engine).

The ETM-100 allows the user to set alarm levels for both EGT and CHT.  If either EGT or CHT exceeds the set level, its corresponding digital display will flash to alert the pilot to a possibly dangerous engine condition.  Using an external output line, a warning light or buzzer can be driven by the ETM-100 to provide an additional warning to the pilot.

The ETM-100 comes in a lightweight (4 Oz.) aluminum package.  Because of its dual display and function, it can enconomize panel space by replacing functions that are often done with two separate gauges.

The digital LED displays of the ETM-100 have special, polarizing filters to greatly improve their readability in bright sunlight.  Like all Adaptive Interfaces instruments, the ETM-100 has a built-in white LED backlight for low-light and nighttime operation.


The ETM-100 engine temperature monitor shows both cylinder head temperature and exhaust gas temperature with an accuracy that you have never experienced with mechanical gauges.  It gives you confidence when you can watch the temperature go from ambient up to normal operating temperatures without having to see some small needle, barely capable of showing a temperature within 50 degrees.  The ETM-100 will allow you to properly lean your engine to a degree you may never have been able to do with analog temperature gauges.  Also, because you can set optional alarms for conditions that would indicate an engine problem, you won't have to spend all your time staring at numbers.


The ETM-100 is a solid state instrument that measures EGT and CHT with a single Type K (EGT) and a single Type J (CHT) thermocouple.  A thermocouple is a sensor made from two different metals that generates a voltage when heated.  Because the voltages generated by thermocouples are very low, the ETM-100 first amplifies those voltages by a factor of x80.  The voltages are then sampled by an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and processed by the ETM-100's microcomputer.  Both analog and digital filtering techniques are used to minimize the effects of electronic noise (i.e. ignition noise) on the thermocouple measurements.

The ETM-100 calculates temperatures from the thermocouple voltages by way of a set of lookup tables.  These tables are held in the program memory of the microcomputer and are based on established voltage-to-temperature characteristics of the Type K and Type J thermocouples.  Temperatures are then presented to the user on the 4-digit (EGT) over 3-digit (CHT) display.  The resolution of the display can be set 1, 5 or 10 degrees and the update period of the display can be set from .5s to 5s in .5s increments.

The MCE-100 is has an aluminum case and fits a standard 2-1/4 inch round panel cut-out.  It is controlled by a set of 4 buttons on the front panel and by a set of menus and functions.


Supply Voltage: 10 Vdc - 32 Vdc
Maximum Supply Current: 350 mA
EGT Temperature Display Range: 0 - 2000 Degrees F (-17C - 1093C)
EGT Temperature Accuracy: +/- 20 Degrees F
CHT Temperature Display Range: 0 - 1200 Degrees F (-17C - 649C)
CHT Temperature Accuracy: +/- 20 Degrees F
EGT Sensor Type: Type K Thermocouple
CHT Sensor Type: Type J Thermocouple
Dimensions: H 2.40" x W 2.50" x D 2.70"
Weight: 6 Oz. (174 g.)
Mounting Screws: 4 ea. 6-32 x L 0.5" (Max.)
Upper Connector: 4-Terminal Screw Type Connector
Lower Connector: 9-Pin DSUB Female 4-40


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