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PRICE  $329.00

The C1 Power and Control Cable is included with the OSM-100.  For additional cables, including the O1 Sensor Cable for the OSM-100, see the Cables   page.


The OSM-100 provides accurate, simultaneous readings of engine oil temperature and pressure on a bright, 3-digit over 3-digit LED display.  The OSM-100 is designed to work with a wide variety of standard, off-the-shelf temperature and pressure sensors to simplify installation in a new aircraft or as a replacement instrument for an aircraft with existing sensors.  In addition to providing accurate temperature and pressure information, the OSM-100 has progammable alarm settings for high and low temperature and pressure and can quickly alert a pilot to potential engine problems.

The OSM-100 comes in a lightweight (4 Oz.) aluminum package.  Because of its dual display and function, it can enconomize panel space by replacing functions that are often done with two separtate gauges.

The digital LED displays of the OSM-100 have special, polarizing filters to greatly improve their readability in bright sunlight.  Like all Adaptive Interfaces instruments, the OSM-100 has a built-in white LED backlight for low-light and nighttime operation.


The oil is your plane's lifeblood, and a system that monitors it continuously alerts you immediately to any pressure drops or temperature rises beyond normal is a great way to give you peace of mind.  Oil is an easy parameter to overlook, especially as your attention is focused outside looking for traffic.  You don't want to find out that you had an oil leak that started 5 minutes ago, as your engine seizes to a halt.  By keeping tabs on both the oil's pressure and temperature and notifying you within seconds of a problem, you can focus more of your attention on flying the airplane knowing that the gauge is monitoring itself and ready to alert you to any anomalies.


The OSM-100 is a solid state instrument that measures voltages from engine oil temperature and pressure sensors, converts those voltages to temperature and pressure values, and displays those values on large 3-digit LED displays.  It can be programmed by the user to work with a large variety temperature and pressure sensors.

To work with a temperature or current sensor, whether the sensor is a voltage, current or resistive type, the user enters two data points.  The two data points represent high and low temperatures or pressures and the sensor voltage, current or resistance associated with each.  With the exception of a resistive temperature sensor, the microcomputer of the OSM-100 then models the sensor with a linear equation to produce a temperature or pressure value.  Since most resistive temperature sensors are not linear, the OSM-100 models these with a combination of 2 exponential equations and 1 linear equation to produce accurate results at all temperatures.

The OSM-100 is has an aluminum case and fits a standard 2-1/4 inch round panel cut-out.  It is controlled by a set of 4 buttons on the front panel and by a set of menus and functions.


Supply Voltage: 10 Vdc - 32 Vdc
Maximum Supply Current: 350 mA
Temperature Display Range: 0 - 999 Degrees F or C
English Pressure Display Range: 0 - 99.9 PSI
Metric Pressure Display Range: 0 - 999 kPa
Temperature Sensor Types: Resistor, 0-5V, LM335
Pressure Sensor Types: Resistor, 0-5V, 4-20mA Current Loop
Dimensions: H 2.40" x W 2.50" x D 1.50"
Weight: 4 Oz. (114 g.)
Mounting Screws: 4 ea. 6-32 x L 0.5" (Max.)
Upper Connector: 15-Pin DSUB Female 4-40
Lower Connector: 9-Pin DSUB Female 4-40


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